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Forum Etiquette Empty Forum Etiquette

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:17 am

Whether you are a member or not, here you will learn proper Forum Etiquette. (aka FE) This will teach you the rules we have here for the forums. They are to be obeyed at all times, unless otherwise noted. These are the rules for this forum:

1. NO racism, sexism or religious slander.

2. NO excessive vulgar language or overly repetitive posts.

3. NO trolling.

4. ALL arguments or discussions CAN and DO end with the present Admin or Moderator(s).

If you are guilty of breaking one or more of these rules, you will be warned first, and if you persist, kicked, warned a last time, then banned without notice.

Topics on this forum may include pretty much anything.

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