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Post by Parabyte | Savage on Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:27 am

No, not server events. Something different.

Coming along with the new year, millions upon billions of people make resolutions; making a promise to one's self. Of course, we all know that almost all of these are NOT fulfilled, and get tossed into next years pile of improvements.

But enough of that. clan.kill has some big plans in the near future, but we need people to make them work. People like you, who have joined this group, and haven't seen much happening, save for the occasional event. Well, we're gonna change that.

You probably are not aware of this, but clan.kill has two main bodies: the 'Group' and the 'Clan'.

You are in the Group part, which also encompasses every single member, admin, moderator... everyone.

But the Clan, AKA The Renegades, are a much more exclusive lot than that of the group. You can't just join the 'Gades... you have to be invited.

So, now that you know that there is an official Clan, you may be wondering, 'How can I be invited?'

First things first, you can't invite someone if you don't know they exist or not. What I mean is, if you're in this group and don't even put the tag in your name, you don't have a very good chance of getting in at all. Or if you even forgot what this group is. Or you can't remember why you joined in the first place. But then again, you probably don't care.

Well if you DO wear the tag and you DO care, then I've got some good news for you. For a limited time, you can get into the Clan without being invited. You can go to the forums and fill out an application, and it will be reviewed. This WILL be the ONLY time you can have a chance at getting in without being invited, so you may want to jump on this once-in-a-never-to-happen-again-chance. Something else that makes the Renegades more glamorous, is they get something that no other member gets: slot reservation. Not even admins have this, so it's very special in the event that the server(s) are full.

It will only remain open for a limited time, so act now if you want in. Also keep in mind, NOT every single person who applies will be accepted. Only a select few (probably 3-4) for the time being are going to be picked.

The forum is under Members, just go there and apply!

(Note: You can be a Renegade AND an admin at the same time, just so you know. You have a better chance of becoming a Gade then admin for right now.)
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