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Super Tuesday Republican Primares

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Super Tuesday Republican Primares Empty Super Tuesday Republican Primares

Post by professionalassassin on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:02 pm

at stake 11 states, 400 delegates
1.Georgia- 76 delegates
Projection:Newt Gingrich will win Georgia
2.Ohio- 63 Delegates
3.Vermont-17 Delegates
Projection: Mitt Romney Will Win Vermont
4.Virginia- 46 delegates
note: only ron paul and mitt romney are on the ballot in VA
Projection: Romney wins Virginia
Final results
Mitt Romney- 157,127- 59%
Ron Paul- 107,120- 41%
5.North Dakota- 28 delegates
Porojection: Santorum Wins North dakota
6.Alaska- 24 delegates
7.Massachusetts- 38 Delegates
Projection: Mitt Romney the Former Massachusetts Governor Will win His Home State
8.Idaho- 32 Delegates
9.Tennessee- 55 Delegates
Projection: Rick Santourum Will Win Tennessee
10.Oklahoma- 40 Delegates
Projection:Santorum wins Oklahoma
11.Wyoming- 26 Delegates

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